SWITS 2014 Program

14th Seminar within the Framework of a Swedish IT Security Network for PhD students

12-13 June 2014, Place: Norrlands Nation, Västra Ågatan 14, Uppsala (http://www.nnfk.se)

Thursday, 12 June 2014:

10:30 Arrival, Coffee for early arrivals

11:00 Welcome, Introduction, research group presentations incl. COINS (Chairs: Simone Fischer-Hübner, Christian Rohner) 

11:50 PhD Student Presentations I: Information Flow I (Session Chair: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani)

Willard Rafnsson Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers TH),

Compositional Information-flow Security for Interactive Systems


Daniel Schoepe (Chalmers TH),

SeLINQ: Information Flow in Databases for Free


Bart van Delft (Chalmers TH),

The Forgotten History of Dynamic Policies


Pablo Buiras (Chalmers TH),

On dynamic flow-sensitive floating-label systems

12:50 Lunch

13:50 PhD Student Presentations II: Security Management and Risk Analysis  (Session Chair: Bengt Carlsson)

Erik Bergström (University of Skövde),

Towards an Increased Applicability of the Information Classification Process


Martin Brodin (Actea),

Device Management


Maria Vasilevskaya and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani (Linköping University),

Towards Model-based Security Risk Analysis for Networked Embedded Systems


Muhammad Adnan Tariq (KTH),

A framework focuses on user-related issues by collecting narratives

14:50 Short break

15:00 PhD Student Presentations III: IDS and Forensics (Session Chair: Magnus Almgren)

Ewa Osekowska (Blekinge TH),

STRAND system for anomaly detection in maritime traffic


Spyridon Dossis (Stockholm University),

Semantically-enabled Digital Investigations


Irvin Homem (Stockholm University),

LEIA: The Live Evidence Information Aggregator

15:45 Coffee

16:05 PhD Student Presentations IV: Privacy & Transparency (Session Chair:  Rose Mharie Åhlfeldt)

Tobias Pulls (Karlstad University),

Sending Messages Through Authenticated Data Structures


Jenni Reuben (Karlstad University),

Analysis of log data for improving transparency


Philipp Winter (Karlstad University), 

Remote-scanning the Great Firewall of China


16:50 Invited Presentations (Session Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner): Louise Yngström: "In remembrance of Kristian Beckman" (Award speech for the IFIP TC11 Kristian Beckman Award that Louise receives this year at the IFIP SEC 2014 conference).

17:30-18:15 Parallel workshops on cooperation within research and education -- suggested groups (tbd): COINS – SWITS (Einar Snekkenes, Hanno Langweg), Software Security (Chair: Andrei Sabelfeld), Security Management (Chair: Bengt Carlsson), Network Security (Chair: Magnus Almgren), PETs (Chairs: Leonardo Martucci)

18:45  Departure from the Hotel Svava, Bangårdsgatan 24,: Tour and Summer Buffée


Friday, 13th June 2014:

8.00 Breakfast

8:45 Summing up the discussion groups of the first day (Session Chair: Christian Rohner)

9:15: PhD Student Presentations V: Vehicular Security (Session Chair: Leonardo Martucci)

Aljoscha Lautenbach (Chalmers TH),

Software and Network Security for Automotive Systems


Nasser Nowdehi (Volvo),

Experiences from Implementing the ETSI ITS Secured Message Service


Pierre Kleberger (Chalmers TH),

Towards Designing a Secure In-Vehicle Network Architecture


10:00 Coffee

10:25 PhD Student Presentations VI: Application Security (Session Chair: Martin Hell)

Oliver Schwarz (SICS),

“Security on. Security off. Security on.”


Valentin Tudor (Chalmers TH),

Extracting Information from [Encrypted] AMI Traffic


Mudassar Aslam (SICS),

User trust in the clouds

11:10 Short break

11:15 PhD Student Presentations VI: Privacy VII (Session Chair:  Andrei Sabelfeld)

Raúl Pardo Jiménez (Chalmers TH),

A Formal Privacy Policy Framework for Social Networks


Benjamin Greschbach (KTH),

Privacy-preserving Friend Activity Feed Aggregation in Decentralized Online Social Networks


Guillermo Rodríguez-Cano (KTH),

Privacy in the social graph

12.00 Lunch

13:00 Invited Talk: Svante Ödman (MSB) (Session Chair:  Ella Kolkowska)

13:30 Short break

13:35 PhD Student Presentations VIII: Software Security and Information Flow Control II (Session Chair: Stefan Axelsson)

Luciano Bello (Chalmers TH),

Hybrid Mechanism for Tracking Information Flow in a JavaScript-like Language


Linus Karlsson (Lund University),

Identifying ROP Payloads in Application and Network Data in the Presence of ASLR


Christopher Jämthagen (Lund University),

Hidden Execution Paths


14:20 PhD Student Presentations IX: Authentication (Session Chair:  Marcus Nohlberg)


Daniel Hausknecht (Chalmers TH),

SandPass: Getting Web Password Meters and Generators Right


Elena Pagnin (Chalmers TH),

Homomorphic Authentication Codes for Linear Network Coding


14:50 Summing up of seminar results, future of SWITS activities

15:00 Coffee, End of SWITS 2014