Evaluating the Correctness of a Domain-Specific Threat Modeling Language by use of Domain Experts


Sotirios Katsikeas, Engla Rencelj Ling, Mathias Ekstedt and Pontus Johnson

A domain-specific threat modeling language can be used for modeling systems and these models can in turn be used for running cyber security attack simulations. In this project, we aim to evaluate a domain-specific threat modelling language called coreLang. The intention with coreLang is that the language serves as a baseplate language, which other languages can be built on top. coreLang includes typical assets found in an IT system, such as, Application and Network. It is important to evaluate the correctness of coreLang so that the results of security threat simulations can be trusted. To evaluate the correctness of coreLang, we conduct experiments with domain experts. In the experiments we compare the real-world data with results of a threat simulation, run with coreLang models, and opinions of domain experts.