Swedish IT Security Network for PhD Students

The Swedish IT-Security Network for PhD students (SWITS) was created in 2001 with the purpose
·    To enhance cooperation between Swedish PhD candidates and research labs
·    To identify PhD courseware usable on national level and make these available to participating departments
·    To identify existing PhD courses at Swedish Universities/ University Colleges and make them available for all students within the network
·    To participate in the organization of  compact IT security courses or summer schools for PhD students at international level  and open them for all students of the network
·    To share outside/expert lecturers

IT security researchers and research groups of the following Universities/University Colleges  are part of the network: Karlstad University, Chalmers University of Technology, Stockholm University, KTH, Skövde University, Linköping University, Örebro Univeristy, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Luleå University.

Annual 2-days SWITS seminars are held each spring in which:
·    Supervisors give an overview to their research areas
·    Ph.D. students have  the possibility to present their research work, to get feedback and inspirations from other students and supervisors
·    Research methodologies in IT security are discussed
·    Introductory tutorials are given

A SWITS email distribution list (swits@lists.kau.se), on which more than 100 network participants are currently subscribed, is used to distribute information about the SWITS seminars, IT security PhD courses, summer schools, courseware and IT security conferences/events.

Financial Support
SWITS is supported by MSB since 2010, and has in the past been supported by KBM and the Swedish KK-Foundation.