SWITS 2012- Draft Seminar Programme, Skövde, Billingehus


Thursday, 31 May 2012:

10:00 Arrival, Coffee for early arrivals

10:30 Welcome, Introduction, research group presentations

11:10  PhD Student Presentations I: Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (Session Chair: Tomas Olovsson)

Guillermo Rodríguez-Cano (KTH): Graph Theoretical Approaches to Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Systems

Benjamin Greschbach (KTH): Privacy in Decentralized Online Social Networks: Metadata Issues and Adversary Models

Philipp Winter (Karlstad University): Effective Tor Bridge Distribution

11:55 short break

12:00 PhD Student Presentations II: Cloud Security (Session Chair: Martin Hell)

Tobias Pulls (Karlstad University): Privacy-Friendly Cloud Storage for the Data Track

Mudassar Aslam, Christian Gehrmann, Lars Rasmusson, Mats Björkman (SICS): Securely Launching Virtual Machines on Trustworthy Platforms in a Public Cloud - An Enterprise’s Perspective

Luciano Bello (Chalmers TH): Towards a Taint Mode for Cloud Computing Web Applications

12:45 Lunch

13:45 PhD Student Presentations III: Crypto (Session Chair: Stefan Axelsson)

Oleksandr Bodriagov (KTH): Encryption for Peer-to-Peer Social Networks

Carl Löndahl (Lund University): Coding-theoretic problems in public key cryptography

Martin Ågren (Lund University): Improved Message Passing Techniques in Fast Correlation Attacks on Stream Ciphers

14:30 short break

14:35 PhD Student Presentations IV: Information Flow I (Session Chair: Sonja Buchegger)

Filippo Del Tedesco, Alejandro Russo, David Sands (Chalmers TH): Fault Tolerant Noninterference

Ulf Kargén (Linköping University): Runtime data-flow analysis of binary programs for security applications

Daniel Hedin (Chalmers TH): Implementation of dynamic information flow for full JavaScript

15:20 Coffee

15:45 Invited Presentations (Chair: Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt):

Hans Hedbom (SIS): What do they do in TK 318 (Security Standardisation in Sweden)?

Short report by Mathias Ekstedt about the MSB’s research cooperation work with USA / DHS


16:30-17:40 Parallel workshops on cooperation within research and education

18:00 Social event


Friday, 1st June 2012:

8.00 Breakfast

8:45 Summing up the discussion groups of the first day (Chair: Marcus Nohlberg)

9:15: PhD Student Presentations V: Software Security & Information Flow II (Session Chair: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani)

Willard Rafnsson, Daniel Hedin, Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers TH): Securing Interactive Programs

Bart van Delft (Chalmers TH): Paragon: practical programming with information flow control - Overview and Roadmap

Andreas Lundblad (KTH): Combing data flow monitoring with control flow monitoring

10:00 Coffee

10:25 PhD Student Presentations VI: Network Security & Mobile Phone Security (Chair: Magnus Almgren)

Rahul Hiran (Linköping University): Keeping the Network Clean: Dynamic Alliances for Collaborative Evaluations

Ge Zhang (Karlstad University): Unwanted Traffic and Information Disclosure in VoIP Networks

Christopher Jämthagen (Lund University): Securing private key operations on mobile phones: SELinux vs. ARM Trustzone

Julio Angulo (Karlstad University): Touch-screen biometrics and e-commerce scenarios

11:25 short break

11:30 PhD Student Presentations VII: Application Security (Chair: Leonardo Martucci)

Valentin Tudor (Chalmers TH): Cyber Security for the Smart Grid: Issues and Possibilities

Edgar Alonso Lopez-Rojas (BTH): A Money Laundering Detector using Synthetic Data from a Mobile Money Service Simulation

Hannes Holm (KTH): A cyber security modeling language

12.15 Lunch

13:15 PhD Student Presentations VIII: Organisational Security (Chair: Bengt Carlsson)

Gunnar Wahlgren (DSV/Stockholm University): IT Security Risk Management practices in large Swedish organisations

Miranda Kajtasi (Linné University): Investigating Employees’ Escalating Behaviour towards Security Policy non-Compliance

Waldo Rocha Flores (KTH):Quantifying organizational security awareness against Social Engineering attacks


14:00  Invited talk: Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt (Skövde University): Information Security Management in Health Care


14:30 Summing up of seminar results, NordSec 2012, future of SWITS activities

14:45 Coffee, End of SWITS 2012