SWITS 2015 Program

15th Seminar within the Framework of a Swedish IT Security Network for PhD students

11-12 June 2015, Place: Sätra Brunn (http://satrabrunn.se/)


Practical Information: http://secret-fortress-6441.herokuapp.com/


Thursday, 11 June 2015:

10:30 Arrival, Coffee for early arrivals

11:00 Welcome, Introduction, research group presentations incl. COINS (Chairs: Simone Fischer-Hübner & Daniel Hedin) 

12:00 PhD Student Presentations I: Risks and Trust (Session Chair: Sonja Buchegger)

 Erik Bergström (Skövde University),

Towards an Increased Applicability of the Information Classification Process


Martin Brodin (Skövde University & ACTEA),

Management issues for Bring Your Own Device


Maria Vasilevskaya (Linköping University),

Quantifying Risks to Data Assets Using Formal Metrics in Embedded System Design


Alaa Alaqra (Karlstad University),

Structures and Metaphors for Trust in the Cloud

13:00 Lunch

14:00 PhD Student (&Company) Presentations II: Network Security  (Session Chair: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani)

Edgar Lopez (Blekinge TH),

Using Simulation for Computer


Zeeshan Afzal (Karlstad University),

Automated Testing of IDS Rules  


Artem Voronkov (Karlstad University),

An order-independent approach for the design and management of firewall ACLs


Ge Zhang (Evry),

Implement directive rules on SIEM by detecting mal-behaviors

15:00 Short break

15:05 PhD Student Presentations III: Privacy and OSN (Session Chair: Rose Mharie Åhlfeldt)

Benjamin Greschbach (KTH),

Social Graph based Access Control Policies in Decentralized Online Social Networks


Daniel Borsk (KTH),

Privacy-Preserving Access Control in Decentralized Online Social Networks using Anonymous Broadcast Encryption


Raul Pardo Jimenz (Chalmers TH),

A Formal Approach to Preserving Privacy in Social Networks


15:50 Coffee

16:10  Invited Presentation (Session Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner): Joachim Meyer (Tel Aviv University & MIT): Human Factors of Computer Security

16:45-17:45 Parallel workshops -- suggested groups: COINS Activities & SWITS Cooperation (Hanno Langweg), FOI workshop CRATE as a national research infrastructure (Teodor Sommestad, FOI), PETS COURSE 2015 (Chairs: Sonja Buchegger, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Leonardo Martucci)

18:00 Social Event (Sala Silvergruva, Dinner in Sätra Brunn)


Friday, 12th June 2015:

8.00 Breakfast

8:45 Summing up the discussion groups of the first day (Session Chair: Daniel Hedin)

9:15: PhD Student & PostDoc Presentations IV: Information Flow and Software Security (Session Chair: Mads Dam)

Daniel Hausknecht (Chalmers TH),

May I? - Content Security Policy Endorsement for Browser Extensions


Musard Balliu (Chalmers TH),

All Your Tiers Are Belong to Us: Building Secure Applications with JSLINQ


Nasser Nowdehi (Chalmers TH),

Towards Designing Secure In-Vehicle Network Architectures Using Community Detection Algorithms



10:00 Coffee

10:20 PhD Student Presentations V: Privacy and Obfuscation (Session Chair: Magnus Almgren)

Leonardo Horn Iwaya (Karlstad University),

Semantic Obfuscation in Smart Society


Hamid Ebadi  (Chalmers TH),

Featherweight PINQ


Daniel Schoepe (Chalmers TH),

Understanding and Enforcing Opacity

11:10 Short break

11:15 PhD Student & PostDoc Presentations VI: Privacy and PETs (Session Chair:  Andrei Sabelfeld)

Valentin Tudor (Chalmers TH),

Harnessing the Unknown in Advanced Metering Infrastructure Traffic


Jenni Reuben (Karlstad University),

A Survey on Log Audits that Detect Privacy Violations


Ali Padyab (Luleå TH),

Privacy & PETs

12.00 Lunch

13:00 Short Invited Talk: Svante Ödman (MSB): News about MSB’s Research Agenda (Session Chair:  Ella Kolkowska)

13:20 Short break

13:25 PhD Student Presentations VII: Crypto and Virtualisation (Session Chair: Tomas Olovsson)

Per Hallgren (Chalmers TH),

Privacy-assured and verifiable outsourced multiplications for additively homomorphic

encryption on finite fields


Partik Lantz (Ericsson & Lund TH),

Visual Cryptography and Obfuscation Using Augmented Reality


Hamed Nemati (KTH),

Trustworthy Virtualization of the ARMv7 Memory Subsystem


14:10 Short Break


14:15: PhD Student Presentations VIII: Information Flow Control II (Session Chair:  Mattias Ekstedt)


Pablo Buiras (Chalmers TH),

Mixing Static and Dynamic Typing for Information-Flow Control in Haskell


Alexander Sjösten (Chalmers TH),



14:45 Summing up of seminar results, future of SWITS activities

14:55 Coffee, End of SWITS 2015