Draft Program – 22nd Seminar of the Swedish IT Security Network (SWITS 2022), 2.-3. June 2022, Karlstad (Elite Stadshotellet)

(All plenary sessions are in the main conference room at Stadshotellet).


Thursday, 2nd June 2022:

10:30: Arrival, Coffee

11:00: Welcome

11:05: Short presentation of research groups @ SWITS 2022 (3 min per group):

Blekinge TH, Chalmers, FHS, KAU, KTH, Linköping University, Linnaeus University, Luleå Technical University, Lund University, MDU, Mid Sweden University, RISE, Skövde University, Umeå University, Uppsala University, COINS/NTNU

12:00 – 12:45: Parallel Sessions 1 & 2 of PhD student presentations:


Session 1:  Privacy, Trust & ML (main room):

Chair:  Leonardo Martucci

·       Saloni Kwatra and Vicenc Torra (Umeå University): “Privacy Analysis of Federated Learning with Gradient Boosting Decision Trees


·       Sudipta Paul and Vicenc Torra (Umeå University): “Individual Privacy Preservation in Federated Learning


·       Han Wang and Shahid Raza (RISE): “Trustworthy Federated Learning for IoT security


Session 2:  TEE & Secure Storage (Handelskammaren room – 1st floor):

Chair: Andrei Gurtov

·       Amir Ahmadian (KTH): ”Secure Programming with Trusted Execution Environments


·       Anum Khurshid (RISE): ”Trusted Execution Environments for Resource-constrained IoT


·       Rohon Kundu (Lund University): ”Secure Cloud Storage with Joint Deduplication and Erasure Protection


12:45-13:45: Lunch

13:45- 14:30: Parallel Sessions 3-4 of PhD student presentations:


Session 3: Network Security and Applications (main conference room):

Chair: Magnus Almgren

·       Mohammed Ramadan (RISE): “Security Roadmap Towards 6G Systems


·       Kim Strandberg (Chalmers & Volva Cars): ”Towards a Secure and Resilient Vehicle Design: Methodologies, Principles and Guidelines


·       Jonathan Magnusson (Karlstad University): ”Query Name Minimization in DNS Resolvers Today



Session 4: Cybersecurity Training & Research Communities (Handelskammaren room – 1st floor):

Chair:  Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt

·       Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (Chalmers): “Experiences and learnings in bootstrapping a student CTF group


·       Joakim Kävrestad (Skövde University): ”Context-Based Micro-Training – a Method for cybersecurity training of end-users


·       Sotirios Katsikeas, Pontus Johnson, Mathias Ekstedt and Robert Lagerström (KTH): ”Research communities in cyber security: A comprehensive literature review


14:30: Short Break

14:40-15:25: Parallel Sessions 5-6 of PhD student presentations:

Session 5: IoT Security (main conference room):

Chair: Simin Nadjm Tehrani

·       Marcus Birgersson (KTH): “Secure Data Sharing in multi-user IoT systems”.


·       Rikard Höglund (RISE): ”Lightweight and robust end-to-end security solutions for the IoT


·       Joel Höglund and Shahid Raza (RISE): “PKI security services for IoT


Session 6: Formal methods (Handelskammaren room – 1st floor):

Chair:  Sonja Buchegger

·       Matvey Soloviev, Musard Balliu and Roberto Guanciale (KTH): “An epistemic view of security properties


·       Mohammad M. Ahmadpanah and Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers): „SandTrap: Securing JavaScript-driven Trigger-Action Platforms


·       Anoud Alshnakat (KTH): ”P4 Formalization


15:30 Coffee break


16:00 Discussion plenary session: Joint CTF competitions for Swedish/Nordic Universities / SWITS

·       Short report of ongoing activities, incl.:

o   European Cyber Security Challenge (Musard Balliu, KTH)

o   The Chalmers GU-KTH-Aarhus CTF competition (Mohammad Ahmadpanah, Chalmers, and Amir Ahmadian and Mikhail Shcherbakov, KTH)

o   KAUotic Hacking Club (Jonathan Magnusson, KAU)

o   NTNU CTFs (Prosper Yeng)

o   and more ongoing activities by others?

·       Possibilities of future joint SWITS/Swedish-Nordic CTFs (Mohammad et al.)

17:15 Invited Talk - Christoffer Karsberg, MSB - National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation”


18:10  Bus leaves for the Social event from the hotel

18:30: Reception, Museum visit & Dinner at Alster Herrgård

21:30: Return by Bus to the hotel



Friday, 3rd June 2022:

9:00 Welcome, short summary of PhD student sessions (1- 6)

9:15-10:15: Parallel Sessions 7 & 8 of PhD student presentations:


Session 7: Privacy & PETs (main conference room):

Chair: Meiko Jensen

·       Md Sakib Nizam Khan, Niklas Reje and Sonja Buchegger (KTH): “Utility Assessment of Synthetic Data Generation Methods


·       Wenqing Yan (Uppsala University), Thiemo Voigt (SICS Swedish ICT) and Christian Rohner (Uppsala University): “Identifying Device with Radiometric Fingerprint


·       Mahdi Akil (KAU): ”Non-Interactive & Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme in VANETs”.


·       Samuel Wairimu (KAU): ”Privacy and security analysis - Assessing harms and risks to patients”.


Session 8:  Vulnerabilities (Handelskammaren room – 1st floor):

Chair: Mads Dam

·       Mikhail Shcherbakov (KTH): ”Exploiting Prototype Pollution to Get RCE in Node.js


·       Sotirios Katsikeas, Engla Rencelj Ling, Mathias Ekstedt and Pontus Johnson (KTH): “Evaluating the Correctness of a Domain-Specific Threat Modeling Language by use of Domain Experts


·       Lars Magnusson (Linnaeus University): “System thinking - how to beat basic flaws in Information Security


·       Yuning Jiang (Skövde University): “Data-Driven Vulnerability Analysis With Publicly Accessible Vulnerability Repositories

10:15-10:45:  Coffee break


·      Short summary of PhD student sessions (sessions 7-8)

·      Two short Experience reports from utilizing cybersecurity research (on IDS and Differential privacy) through spinoffs (Magnus Almgren & Alejandro Russo - Chalmers)

11:00 Poster Session: Poster pitches, poster presentations by PhD students & Cyber Security projects (3 min for each pitch)

Chair: Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers)

·      David Hasselquist (LiU & Sectra Communications), Niklas Carlsson (LiU): “Fingerprinting attacks and encrypted traffic analysis

·      Ivan Oleyanikov (Chalmers): “Outsourcing MPC Precomputation for Location Privacy

·      Sujash Naskar (Mid Sweden University): “Internet Vehicle (IoV) – Privacy and Security

·      Lejla Islami Simone Fischer-Hübner (KAU), Panos Papadimitratos (KTH): “Capturing drivers’ privacy preferences for intelligent transportation systems: An intercultural perspective

·      Felipe Boeira (LiU): “No Doppelgänger: Advancing Mobile Networks Against Impersonation in Adversarial Scenarios

·       Henrik Akira Karlsson (KTH): Towards a Provably Secure Separation Kernel with Dynamic Time and Memory Management

·       Venkata Satya Sai Ajay Daliparthi (Belkinge TH): Enabling Privacy And Security In The AI Marketplace


12:15 Lunch

13:15 Discussion – Future cooperation of SWITS with other Swedish/Nordic Cybersecurity actors including Cybercampus Sverige.

13:45 Summing up, announcement of events, next activities

14:00 Coffee and end of SWITS 2022