Draft Program - 23rd Seminar within the Framework of a Swedish IT Security Network for PhD students (SWITS 2023) 


10:30 Arrival, Coffee for early arrivals

11:00  Welcome, Introduction, research group presentations (2 in each)

 12:00-12:30 PhD student presentations/discussion – Session I

Cybersecurity & AI (Moderator: Sonja Buchegger)

Venkata Satya Sai Ajay Daliparthi, Nurul Momen, Kurt Tutschku (Blekinge TH): Towards Enabling Security and Privacy in the AI Marketplace

Shenghui Li (Uppsala University): Byzantine Attacks and Defenses in Federated Learning

12:30 Lunch

13:30 MSB / NCC-SE – Christoffer Karsberg & Erik Sundström: News from NCC-SE and MSB – funding opportunities and future plans

14:00-15:00 PhD student presentations/discussion – Session II

Decentralised systems and network security & privacy (Moderator: Leonardo Martucci)

Navya Sivaraman Simin Nadjm-Tehrani (Linköping University): 5G Handover: When Forward Security Breaks

Roman-Valentyn Tkachuk (Blekinge TH): On the Privacy and Trust in Blockchain-Based Decentralized Renewable Energy Marketplaces

Mohammad Borhani (Linköping University): Scalable Interconnection of Industrial Networks: KDC Placement Problem in Secure VPLS

Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (Chalmers): Clipaha: moving password hashing to the client

-- 5 min break --

15:05 Invited talk: Pontus Johnson, Nikolaos Kakouros (KTH) & Leonardo Martucci, Jonathan Magnusson (KAU): Sharing cybersecurity infrastructure and resources between Swedish Universities & Experience report from a Cybercampus Sweden use case

15:50: (Poster pitch: Roland Plaka, Mikael Asplund, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani (Linköping University): Vulnerability analysis of electric vehicle charging ecosystem)

15:53 Coffee break

16:20 PhD student presentations/discussion – Sessions III

Information Flow & Validation (Moderator: Paul Stankovski Wagner)

Sotirios Katsikeas, Andrei Buhaiu, Preetam Mukherjee, Mathias Ekstedt, Simon Hacks (KTH): Development and Validation of a Threat Modeling Language for the IT domain

Iulia Bastys, Maximilian Algehed, Alexander Sjösten, and Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers): SecWasm: Information Flow Control for WebAssembly

Amir M. Ahmadian, Matvey Soloviev and Musard Balliu (KTH): Understanding and Enforcing Disjunctive Policies in Database-backed Programs

17:05 – 17:35 LifeSec Presentation – Thiemo Voigt et al. (Uppsala University) 

-- Bus transfer to Hotel and Social event --

18:00 Social event & Dinner

Tuesday, 30th May 2023:


9:00 Welcome, PhD student presentations/discussion – Session IV

Security Testing & Simulation (Moderator: Magnus Almgren)

Viktor Engström (KTH): Dynamic Cyberattack Simulations with DynaMAL

Sheela Hariharan (Mälardalen University, Volvo Construction Equipment), Andreas Erséus,  Thomas Nolte, and Alessandro V. Papadopoulos:  Product Cybersecurity- Security testing methodologies for Earth Moving Machinery

9:50 Poster session: Poster pitches (2 min each) & presentations by PhD students & Cybersecurity projects (Moderator: Christian Rohner)

·       Lejla Islami, Simone Fischer-Hübner (KAU), Aga Kitkowska (Jonköping University): VANET privacy preferences - intercultural comparison study

·       George-Alexandru Stoian, Pavlos Aimoniotis, Per Ekemark, Xiaoyue Chen, Stefanos Kaxiras (Uppsala University): Efficient Memory Encryption for Neural Network Accelerators

·       Usama Zafar, Salman Toor, and André Teixeira (Uppsala University): Using Generative Adversarial Networks to Detect Model Poisoning Attacks in Federated Machine Learning

·       Zhenlu Sun, Salman Toor, André Teixeira (Uppsala University): Data-driven Vulnerability Analysis for Critical Infrastructures

·       Saloni Kwatra, Vicenc Torra (Umeå University):  Data Reconstruction Attack Against Principal Component Analysis

·       Filip Natvig, Göran N. Ericsson (Uppsala University): A Learning Testbed for False Data Injection Attacks


(Coffee and snacks are served in between)

11:30 Lunch

12:30 PhD student presentations – Session V & VI

IoT Security & Privacy I (Moderator: Shahid Raza)

Piero Romare (Chalmers): Segmenting Privacy Profiles in TAP Applets for Usable Permission Management

Johannes Olegård, Stefan Axelsson (Stockholm University): From App to Cloud --- Private cloud API forensics for IoT android apps

Mahdi Akil (KAU) & Sujash Naskar (Mid Sweden University): Privacy and Security in VANETs

- 10 min  break -

IoT Security II & Network Security (Moderator:  Andrei Gurtov)

Rikard Höglund, Marco Tiloca, Simon Bouget, and Shahid Raza (RISE): Key Update for the IoT Security Standard OSCORE

Marcus Birgersson (KTH): Confidential Computation using Trusted Execution Platforms for IoT data

Jonathan Magnusson (KAU): QNAME Minimization in DNS

- 5 min break -


14:15 -14:40 Daniel Bosk (KTH): SWITS PhD course: Theory of Science and Scientific methods in Cybersecurity

 Discussion – Cooperation of SWITS with Cybercampus and other Swedish/Nordic Cybersecurity actors on Cybersecurity PhD education & research, Summing up, next steps

15:00 Coffee, end of SWITS 2023