SWITS 2019 Program

19th Seminar within the Framework of a Swedish IT Security Network for PhD students

3-4 June 2019,

Place: Karlstad, Stadshotellet, Kungsgatan 22, 651 08 Karlstad



Monday, 3rd June 2019

10:00 Arrival, Coffee for early arrivals

10:30 Welcome, Introduction, research group presentations incl. COINS (Chair: Simone Fischer-Hübner) 

11:30 Web Security & Information Flow (Session Chair: Christian Rohner)

AutoNav: Evaluation and Automatization of Web Navigation Policies, Benjamin Eriksson & Andrei Sabelfeld, Chalmers TH

Information Flow Control for Browser Fingerprinting Detection, Alexander Sjöstern, Chalmers TH

Multi-Covert Channel Exfiltration Techniques, Mahdi Akil et al., Karlstad University

How to develop a computerized tool to help managers to design tailored policies?, Elham Rostami, Örebro University

12:30 Lunch

13:30 PhD Student Presentations II:  Privacy (Session Chair: Mathias Ekstedt)

SPORES: Transferring files as spores through the wind instead of up in the Cloud, Daniel Bosk & Sonja Buchegger, KTH

A three axes representation of data protection legislation to support usability, Johanna Johansen, Oslo University / COINS

Towards Usable Transparency via Individualisation, Patrick Murmann, Karlstad University

A Collaborative Access Control Framework for Online Social Networks, Hanaa Alshareef, Chalmers TH

Affect as information – Factors influencing Privacy Decision Making, Agnieska Kitowoska, Karlstad University

14:45 Coffee

15:15  PhD Student Presentations III:  Cyber Capabilities and Threat Detection (Session Chair: Andrei Sabelfeld)

How do smart states develop cyber capabilities?, Gazmend Huskaj, FHS

Automated detection of deserialization vulnerabilities in .NET applications, Mikhail Shcherbakov & Musard Balliu, KTH

Time Patterns and Correlations in Spontaneous SCADA Traffic for Anomaly Detection, Chih-Yuan Lin, Linköping University

Departure-Based Intrusion Detection for Smart Industrial Environments, Wissam Aoudi, Chalmers TH

16:15-17:50 Parallel workshops:

·        Tor Research Topics: Traffic Analysis & Network Performance (Tobias Pulls)

·        National & EU H2020 CyberSecurity Projects – Cooperation Opportunities  for Researchers &PhD students (Shahid Raza, Simone Fischer-Hübner et al.)

·        ….

18:15 Social Event - Boat Trip to the Inner Harbor – Departure: Almentorget. 18:35: Stop at Café Slussen.

19:30 Dinner at the Inner Harbor (Olssons Bazar, Tullhusgatan 1) 

Tuesday, 4th June 2019:

9:00 PhD Presentations IV: IOT & Security (Session Chair: Sonja Buchegger)

Two-Tier Authentication and Key Distribution for Wearable Devices, Sam Hylamia, Wenqing Yan, Christian Rohner, Thiemo Voigt, Uppsala University

Towards a PKI for IoT, Joel Höglund, Shahid Raza, RISE Cybersecurity

Make it and break it – an IoT Smart Home Testbed Case Study, Muhamid Mudassar Yamin, NTNU / COINS

9:45: Short Break

9:50 Short presentations on Research Lab projects /National Cyber Ranges:

The Oslo Activities in the Secure Connected Trustable Things project, Christian Johansen, Oslo University

Applied research at the IS&ITA group, FOI, Martin Karresand, FOI

New RISE Cyber Rang, Shahid Raza, RISE Cybersecurity

Norwegian Cyber Rang, Stewart Kowalski, NTNU

10:20 Coffee Break

10:45 Poster Session with 2-3 minutes pitches per poster  (Session Chair: Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt):


·        Isolation of a Network Interface Controller, Jonas Haglund, KTH

·        Using ContextBased MicroTraining to enforce secure behavior among computer users, Joakim Kävrestad, University of Skövde

·        Digital Certificate Revocation for the Internet of Things, Samuel Tanner Lindemer, RISE Cybersecurity

·        Dynamic and Automatic Vulnerability Assessment for Cyber-Physical System, Yuning Jiang, Skövde University

·        Hardware-Based Trusted Execution Environment for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices – Focused on ARM TrustZone Cortex-M family, Anum Khurshid, RISE Cybersecurity

·        Machine Learning for IOT Security, Han Wang, RISE Cybersecurity

·        Privacy in eHealth – Human Mental Models and Perspectives - Ala Alaqra, Karlstad University

·        Security and Trust in IoT networks: Network Intrusion Detection and Blockchain Transactions, Christos Profentzas & Charalampos Stylianopoulos et al., Chalmers TH

·        Cyber security modeling and simulations on Power Grids, Sotirios Katsikeas , KTH

·        Communication and Cybersecurity of Autonomous Passenger Ferry, Ahmed Amro, NTNU/COINS

·        Automated Penetration Testing with QuickCheck, Augustin Mista, Alejandro Russo, Chalmers TH


12:15: Lunch

13:15 PhD Student Presentations V:  Security Analysis & Recommender Systems (Session Chair: Magnus Almgren)

Towards Theorem-grade timely execution, Andreas Lindner, KTH

Trustworthy Verification of Machine Code, Didrik Lundberg, KTH

Security Analysis and Protection of Architecture based Self-Adaptive Systems, Charilaos Skanylas, Linnaeus University

Recommender systems for software vulnerabilities, Linus Karlsson, Lund University

14:15 Summing up of seminar results (including results from the parallel groups), future of SWITS activities

14:30 Coffee, End of SWITS 2019